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My first jam in the books... that was a crazy adventure for sure. Stressful and frantic in all the right ways. I have to thank TrentSama for being the bestest partner/programming wizard ever, and Mightymuso for bangin' out not one, two, or three, but four insanely good tunes in a week. Can't wait to do it all again sometime! Seeing everyone else's games has been a treat, there's so many high quality games that I never would have guessed were done in such a short span of time. Amazing stuff.

I'm considering uploading a "how I made this" for Nest Quest's 3D pixel art. I tried something fun and didn't use any sort of 2D program for making pixel art this time around. I used ZBrush and Substance Painter for everything in this game (inspired sort of by the New Blood team workflow, from what I know about their process). None of the textures touched Clip Studio at all for anything other than minor postprocessing. Only thing I even drew in 2D was the UI and text! This workflow has a lot of potential and I'm excited to upload new PSX style art using this technique. It's really versatile and can do some incredible things. Plus it would be fun to art blast all the various assets I made for the game. Let me know if you're interested, because I'd really love to share how I do 3D pixel art with 3D only tools. Maybe even some tutorials for 3D art as well. It would be a lot of fun.

Anyways, thanks for the love on Nest Quest, time to sit patiently and wait for the judging.... 0-0


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